June, 2016 Sunday


12th International Symposium On Landslides


Napoli, Italy

The 12th International Symposium on Landslides (12 ISL) will be held on 12-19 June 2016 at the Royal Continental Hotel in Naples, Italy.

The Landslides risk has strongly increased over the last decade, mainly because of ever growing population and relevant bigger exposure. In many countries, this is also due to expanded civil and industrial settlements, as well as widened infrastructures and lifelines. For this reason, in order to perform risk analysis and management, it is necessary a better understanding of landslides’ mechanics, accounting for relevant soil and rock properties and their behaviour in well documented case histories. Other natural hazards, such as storms, earthquakes and volcanism, may act as landslide triggers in some areas.

These will be the main topics of the next ISL that will take place in Napoli in June 2016. These themes will be viewed using the classic approach of the modern science, i.e. moving from experience to practice through theory.