The work to be carried out is divided in 10 Work Packages, which are described in the following. The research activities which entail experimentation, theoretical work, numerical and analytical modelling are divided into 6 work packages.

  • WP 1 to 4 will focus on improving our understanding of the physical phenomena causing geohazards via experimentation, theoretical and numerical work, study of past case histories and knowledge transfer between groups with different expertise. The aim of these research activities is to reach a level of understanding of the phenomena causing geohazards such that physicomechanical based models may be used instead of the current black box tools in the production of susceptibility and hazard maps.
  • WP 5 and 6 will develop the numerical methods needed to carry out sound engineering modelling of the physical phenomena causing geohazards.
  • WP 7 will entail training activities, WP 8 management of researchers’ exchanges, WP 9 dissemination of results and WP 10 outreach activities to the public.
WP No WP Title Activity Type WP Leader
WP1 Onset of failure in the ground Research Grenoble INP
WP2 Advanced constitutive modelling of soils and rocks Research UPC
WP3 Landslides, avalanches and debris flows Research BOKU
WP4 Flood and earthquake induced geo-hazards Research UPC
WP5 Advanced numerical techniques: discrete methods Research NAR
WP6 Advanced numerical techniques: finite element methods Research SJUAN
WP7 Training activities Training GTECH
WP8 Management of researchers’ exchange Management UNEW
WP9 Dissemination of the research outcomes Dissemination TOU
WP10 Communication of the research outcomes and outreach activities UNEW